Traction Penile Extenders - Their Pros and Contras

Is there an alternative method to penis enlargement exercises that works faster and brings the same results?

Some persons definitely feel that penile enhancement exercises with their demand of self-discipline are not quite their thing and that they need a faster, easier way of efficient penile enlargement, which would not involve practicing exercises. In this case they are strongly recommended to give a try to advantages of the penis traction device. The traction devices (often referred to as penile extenders) use the principle of stretching force applied to the shaft of your penis. Of course, this method can be used as a supplement to your daily penis enhancement exercise workouts, if you feel like it. Many practitioners prefer to use a penis extender instead of doing exercises every other day; others apply it during the breaks, when they are getting rest from penile exercising. Finally, many users prefer to practice this method of penis extension on exclusive bases and devote from 6 to 9 hours daily for wearing of their penis extender.

The usage of penile traction device as an enlargement method has gained considerable popularity recently and this popularity is continuing to grow. Previously the traction devises were used in surgery for treating patients with penis traumas, but now they are widely used for purely cosmetic purposes of penile enhancement. It should be noted that penile extenders proved to be a good competition for such unsafe methods like stretching weights, and vacuum pumps, and have successfully replaced them in popularity at the market. Another serious competitors for traction devices are penis enlargement pills and patches, but despite attractive advertisement those methods do not actually enlarge the penis shaft itself; they can be successfully used for improvement of overall sexual health and stamina in combination with exercises or extenders. In this case a user gets the maximum of beneficial results.

One of the major advantages of penile traction extenders is that they have been certified for CE symbol of quality and earned recognition and approval of the most of European health regulation bodies. The process of recognition and certification was greatly aided by the fact that the penile traction extender originally started out being used as an aid for post-penis enlargement surgery patients and was registered as a Type 1 medical device. After the penile surgery patients strengthened penis with the help of the extender and more than often demonstrated considerable gains in size. This fact drew attention of manufacturers of penile enhancement devices and, after the extender was adapted for permanent penis enlargement by urologists, they introduced it to the market as a medically tested and proven method to enlarge the penis by itself. And the penile extender proved to be a huge success!

It happened about three years ago. Since that time the device has become a well-known and well-proven solution for enlargement of male penis both in length and girth. Since originally it was a medical device, the penile extender was put to very strict extensive testing. The results were beyond any expectations of the manufacturers - they proved the tremendously efficiency of this penile solution for permanent penis enlargement. No wonder that traction penile extenders are now aggressively promoted in all reputable health magazines for men, they receive the heist scores at penis enlargement review Web-sites. The manufacturers of penis enlargement devices and medications are giving the traction extenders their utmost support and sell them very successfully on the Net and in specialized shops.

The idea to use a traction penile device can be a good way out for all practitioners of enhancement exercise workouts who, for some reason, are starting to loose their zeal and determination, but at the same time do not whish to quit the enlargement program. In this the workouts can be supplemented or totally replaced by wearing a traction extender. By application of traction penile devices you can successfully achieve size enhancement of your penis in both length and girth, and you do not need to worry about the boring routine of doing exercises, or taking herbal penis enlargement pills and applying enlargement patches.

What is important, is that the most reputable traction device manufactures, such as SizeGenetics, take care of your total satisfaction with results and offer at least a 6 month guarantee on their devices. It goes without saying that you would be better off if your consult your doctor prior to starting to wear an extender, to make sure the device is the best suitable for your needs and conditions. A wise guy prefers to be on the safe side!