Some Clever Tips about Having Great Sex even if Your Penis is not So Impressive

By remaking a popular saying about the size and hitting force of a hammer and its effect on the nail one can quite come up with something like "It is not the size of the prick that counts, it's how inventively you can use it!". This popular saying has been around for quite a period of time by now. What it basically implies is as follows: yes, it is possible that your penis is not so impressive as you would like it to be, nevertheless, if the love is made with a proper share of sexual skills you can still provide your female partner with the explosive orgasm she probably expects from you and make her more than satisfied. For women in menopause black ant pills can take additional nutritional supplements such as the black ant pills.

For instance, here are three very useful and efficient tips regarding the positions and love-making techniques that would be ideal for men with not so "well-hung" manhood in order to give greater pleasure to their females:

1) The classic missionary position but this time with the legs up - The female partner should lie down on her back, raise her legs and place them on the shoulders of her male partner. In this position males with modestly-sized manly instruments receive a better chance of deep penetration than offered by the standard missionary position. It is the best position if you want to insert your penis further into the female vagina, and it leads to a better chance of a really explosive orgasm, notwithstanding the size of the penis!

2) Woman Takes a Top "Horse rider" Position - Exactly as it is implied by the name of this position, the male partner is to lie on his back, letting his female straddle his penis. This is an excellent technique in case you have a smaller penis, and there are two reasons for it: in the first place, this position provides you with possibility of better penetration level, which is essential if you are thinking about giving proper share of pleasure to the woman; in the second place, it is additionally pleasing to your female partner since it gives her full control over the process of love making!

3) Cunnilingus - Another excellent love-making technique that does not employ penetrative sex and therefore the penis size is of no importance in this case. To tell you the truth, as reported by majority of women the oral sex actually takes preference over the habitual penetrative sex. So bear this notion in mind and make use of it next time you are having intercourse with your lover.

As you see, you do not have any reasons to make a tragedy out of the fact that Mother Nature was not generous enough as far as your penis size is concerned! There are excellent methods to remedy the situation, call them just Penis Skill Advantage.